Junior JAVA Developer / Vektor

VektorWe are a leading technology and service provider in Telematics industry. As we invest in new and groundbreaking technologies, we are continuously looking for new developer talents to join our team. With headquarters in Istanbul and regional offices in Thailand, we operate in Europe, Middle East and SE Asia.

We develop and deploy brand new exciting technologies rather than repeat or copied products and solutions.

Thinking out of the box, self confidence, discipline and motivation to try new things are the common traits of our team that we also look for on new team members.

This position requires solid hands-on coding & development skills with Java environment. A good understanding of OO paradigm is essential. Clear and robust Java coding style is also a must.

You will need to be enthusiastic about learning and using the latest technologies out there. We also highly appreciate good problem solving and troubleshooting skills.

We look for 2-3 years of coding experience, eagerness to learn and ability to tackle new challenges.

Having completed the military service or at least 2 years of extension are must for male candidates
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